Full Service Including  Parts From £145.00

Interim Service From £75.00 OE Specialist Parts

Recovery & Breakdown Service Available

Automatic  Gearbox Services

All Aspects Of Can and Bus Wiring Work Undertaken

Free Air Con Check with Any Service

Air Conditioning Service £48.00 Including VAT

Timing Belt Replacements

Cardinal Motors Carries out Services on all makes and models of vehicles Please Enquire For the cost of a Full or part Service for your Vehicle

Oil and Filter change:

An Oil and Filter change is one of the most important parts of a service and is included in all services. It helps your car to run reliably and helps increase fuel efficiency. All Garages have a duty of care towards their customers to complete a visual safety inspection when they work on any car, even if the car is booked in for a basic oil and filter change. However they are not liable to check the brakes, so brake checks should be booked in to take place at least once a year.

Basic or Interim Service:

Each type of service builds on the previous level, so a basic service will typically include an oil and filter change and a visual inspection, but there will usually be a top up of all the key fluids in the engine (washer fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid) and a check of up to 35 key components to ensure your car is in the best condition possible. A good garage will also check your brakes and manufacturer guidelines and recommend any additional work your car may need, however not all garages do this.

Full Service:

A Full service typically consists of all basic service work already described, an extra 15-30 additional checks on the car’s components (compared to the basic service) It is important to note, as with the basic service, if the car requires any additional maintenance work this will be an additional cost.

Major Service:

A Major Service will include everything covered in a full service but will also include a change of spark plugs, a change of fuel filters and some other service/wear items that are recommended by the manufacturer’s schedule. This does not include any additional repair or maintenance work

  • Oil and oil filter check and replacement

  • Brake fluid check and top up

  • Anti-Freeze coolant check and top up

  • Windscreen wash check and top up

  • Full brake check

  • Power steering fluid check and top up

  • Steering check

  • Shock absorbers check.

  • Suspension check

  • Light check

  • Windscreen wipers check

  • Wheel alignment check

  • Charging systems check

  • Exhaust check

  • Battery check

  • Charging system check

  • Tyre tread and pressure check.


Front Brake Pads From – £75 including  VAT

Cardinal Motors Carries out all types of repairs on all makes and models of vehicles  Please Enquire For a  Quote you require